Senior Living Falls - Fast Facts

  • 1 in 4 older adults report a fall every year

  • When a senior falls, they are 2x more likely to fall again

  • Every 20 minutes, a senior dies as the result of a fall

  • The average cost for a fall-related injury is over $30,000

  • >80,000 yearly falls are caused by pets

  • Falls are the leading cause of death from injury for those over 65

  • 25% of seniors who fracture their hip during a fall die within 6 months of the fall

  • At an average 100-resident nursing home, between 100 to 200 reported falls will occur every year

  • To prevention falls, every senior should be tested periodically for fall risk and mobility issues

Senior Living Fall Prevention

In order to guarantee their continued success, senior living facilities need to focus on fall prevention. Heron Point’s Fall Prevention System allows assisted living facilities to preemptively and continuously detect residents who are likely to fall. As opposed to most fall-related systems, our system doesn’t detect falls - it stops them from happening in the first place.

Interested in learning more about preventing falls at your senior living or memory care facility? Reach out to to learn more.

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