Fall Detection and Resident Privacy

As an operator, detecting and preventing falls are critical to the success of your senior living facility. While many solutions for fall detection exist in the market today, almost all of these solutions invade residents’ privacy in some way.

Resident happiness and trust are the cornerstones of success for any senior living facility.

In-Room Cameras

Certain vendors have created fall detection systems which utilize cameras placed in resident rooms. These systems then continuously watch activity in the room and use machine learning to detect if someone has fallen.

However, there is an obvious privacy issue with these systems: they require residents to be constantly monitored and recorded in their own personal space. Resident in senior living facilities need to be treated like humans - recording their every move in their private room fails this test.

Fall prevention is critical, but it cannot come at the expense of residents’ privacy.

Wearable Devices

Another common method for fall detection is to have all residents wear a device which tracks their motion throughout the day, such as a watch or pendant. However, these devices also invade resident privacy. These devices track residents’ every move.

Because of this issue, seniors hate being told to wear these devices. Even when residents are forced against their will to wear devices which require a health professional with a specialized tool to remove them, senior residents still frequently remove their device.

The Privacy vs Health Dilemma

As an operator, its hard to know what the proper balance between respecting resident privacy and implementing measure to protect resident health. But it doesn’t need to be a trade-off at all.

Being able to use tech to scale resident monitoring (in a passive and dignified fashion) is going to become more and more of a necessity

Fall Prevention Without Invading Privacy

Heron Point’s Fall Prevention System allows assisted living facilities to preemptively and continuously detect residents who are likely to fall. As opposed to most fall-related systems, our system doesn’t detect falls - it stops them from happening in the first place.

Our system doesn’t require in-home cameras or wearables which will invade your residents’ privacy. We plug in to your existing security camera systems and passively track residents’ gaits as they go about their normal day. We only watch public, common spaces - we never invade a resident’s room.

Interested in learning more about preventing falls at your senior living or memory care facility? Reach out to to learn more.

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