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Predictive Health Analytics for Senior Living

AI-enabled systems to passively track senior health metrics and automatically recommend preventative measures.


With Heron Point, senior living providers can easily reduce their yearly fall numbers.

More accurately triage residents and provide preventative care.

How We Passively Assess Residents' Health

1 - Place the Device

Either place our simple depth camera in a common area or connect your existing security cameras to our system.

2 - The Device Generates Health Data

An algorithm on the device detects when someone walks by it; when this happens, the device records a clip of the person walking. The device then sends this data to a HIPAA-certified cloud server where health metrics, such as fall risk,  are generated using AI computer vision.

3 - Review the Results

On a weekly basis, a report is generated with health metrics for each resident, as well as recommendations for at-risk residents.

Improve Key Facility Metrics

Yearly Falls

up to a


reduction in falls over a year.

Resident Turnover


reduction in fall-related resident turnover costs over a year.

Employee Retention


reduction in nursing staff turnover.

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